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Female Cypher Presented by Lady Dahlia part 2

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Kush Dvd Tv Presents:

Female Cypher Presented by Lady Dahlia part 2


Tiffany Shante


Ayo Princezz










Jan 31st, 2013


A Letter from Young Lyric to her fans

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Dear Team Lyric,

Blessings from the H!!  First of all I want to thank you for all the love and support you have shown me throughout the years.  You have motivated and inspired me in so many ways and you are the reason I do what I do and why I am where I am today!!  I love you so much and promise to keep grinding for the team!!

Please check out my latest single “U Got Dragged” (now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc..) and be sure to follow me on all the Socials (info below)..  Also, please call and tweet your local radio stations and tell them to play “U Got Dragged” and “Balmain” by Young Lyric today!!

IG:  @TheRealLyricMichell (verified with over 662k followers!!)

Twitter:  @Lyrikkal (verified with over 95k followers!)

YouTube:  Young Lyric (verified with over 30 million views and 145k subscribers)

Facebook:  @LyricMichell (Young Lyric aka Lyrikkal) 45k followers

Snapchat:  @YungLyrikkal


“U Got Dragged” VIDEO LINK:

“U Got Dragged (extended diss) ” SOUNDCLOUD LINK

“U Got Dragged” ITunes Link:

“U Got Dragged”  Spotify Link:

Thanks again for staying down with Team Lyric..  Don’t forget to repost and share the video today!!  Please forward this email to all of your friends and family as well to help spread the word!! 

Young Lyric

Bad Akktor Records

Female Cypher Philly Hip Hop Awards

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2013 Urban Celebrity Magazine

Philly Hip Hop Awards

Female Cypher



Jabo Baby, Lex Dime, Da Troopa, Hot Chok,

Lady Merk, Lee Mazin, Shari DuBois,

Lanice London and K-Dubb 

DJ Jovi Baby @itsJoviBaby

Da Troopa @Datroopa

K-Dubb @The1KDubb

The Body Bag Queen Lex Dime @LexDime215

Lanice London @LaniceLondon

Shari Dubois @Sharidubois of Norris Town

Hot Chok @hotChok215 of West Philly

Jabo Baby @Jabo_Baby North East Philly

Lark Merk @LadyMerk North Philly

Lee Mazin @leemAZIN of south philly

Scale by Lex Lane of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, CA

Lex Lane 




Rita Rabbit of NC ask Why You Playing

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Roxboro, NC


Rita Rabbit

AKA “The Female Lex Luger” 

Featuring The Kid Hater



“Why You Playing”

Featuring: Angel Face 




DeJ Loaf the inside story

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DeJ Loaf


“Liberated – Music”

“DeJember Day 8”


Introducing Humble Trice

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Humble Trice


Humble Trice is an upcoming artist who has a never ending passion for music.

I attached humble to my name because no matter how much I succeed or accomplish ,

I still know where I came from and embrace

the struggles………

Interview credit: Unsigned Female Artists


“Word To My Sis”