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Miranda Writes “Be About It”

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New York / New Jersey

Miranda Writes

“Be About It”


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Iggy Azalea “Savior” ft Quavo Lyric Video

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Iggy Azalea


(Lyric Video)

ft. Quavo 

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Shay Z “Get Down” of Sherman Oaks

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Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles 

Shay Z

“Get Down”

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MoniNayo Album/Video of the Month for Jan 2018

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Brooklyn, NY


“The Brown Skin Agenda”

The Album:

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TazDaRealist “Swerve” out of Texas

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shot by @spidiewebher 

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Chelly The MC out of D.C. is Just Like Me

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Washington, DC



The MC

“Just Like Me” 

“Ran Off Ona Plug” 

Throw Back 2011 of March

“Chelly Got BARS Pt.1” 



IG/Snapchat: chellythemc • MCMC

Heesun Lee is an amazing artist out of Staten Island

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Staten Island, NY


What makes you that Female Mc to look out for? 

I’m real, I’m inspiring, im trying to change the world and break stereotypes.. I feel like I can relate to a lot of females out there in my lyrics… im a wife, im a mother, I have two kids and I’m just not fake in the things that i rap about.  I’m just trying to keep it real and address a lot of issues that are going on in this society.. a lot of topics that rappers arent talking about these days. I’m here to inspire not jus ladies but everybody, and be that side of hiphop that we done see or hear about anymore. 


Did You know 6 million Woman suffer from

Anxiety Disorder/ Panic Disorder?


Heesun Lee

“I’m With You” 

[ft.Sam Ock]



Album out now 
TWITTER: @msheesunlee 
INSTAGRAM: @msheesunlee

How did you get started? 

I used to write poetry all of my childhood and then when I was like 14/15 years old I started to write my own hip-hop lyrics. I used to listen to him Warren G, will smith, lol and I would memorize there stuff and record it on my karaoke system…then after that I started to get inspired to write my own stuff, and it was just snowball effect from there.. 

General Manager

Christian Oh


Press Contact


Chistopher Dunwell Presents Perfectionist Hair

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Chistopher Dunwell



Perfectionist Hair

Best Prices Around

Check it out.


Jungle Pussy from New York City

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Jungle Pussy 



Staar Queen Kong

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Staar Queen Kong


Shot by: @LuggaLugga
mixtape. Available on DATPIFF.COM NOW
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