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Jucee Froot ft Juicy J “Girls Kissing Girls” and “Eat Itself” video

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Jucee Froot

feat. Juicy J

“Girls Kissing Girls”

“Eat Itself

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Black Sheep Mixtape Available Now:

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Chyna Vonne “Run Forrest 2.0” Thriller Edition

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 Chyna Vonne

“Run Forrest” 2.0

(Thriller Edition) 

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Sa-Roc “Black God Theory”

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Let’s Take It Back to 2013


“Black God Theory”

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Chelly The MC ft. Rico Nasty “Ridin’ Round”

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Chelly The MC

ft. Rico Nasty

“Ridin’ Round” 


Talone “Niggaz Calling” and “Ooouuu” cover

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Washington D.C.


Niggaz Calling

“Ooouuu” cover

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Cosmopolitan 8 Latina Rappers Whose Music You Have To Hear

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Credit: Cosmopolitan By Raquel Reichard

8 Latina Rappers Whose Music You Have To Hear

Think “Latinas in hip-hop,” and you’re more likely to conjure up images of curvaceous video vixens than rappers slaying it — but the truth is Latinos have existed in hip-hop from its inception. In fact, as hip-hop scholar Raquel Z. Rivera reminds us in her book New York Ricans From the Hip-Hop Zone, the music and dance bears as much resemblance to African-American styles like blues and jazz as it does to Puerto Rican musical forms like bomba and plena. Ultimately, hip-hop culture is inherently Puerto Rican culture.

More than four decades after its genesis, Latinas of various national and cultural identities have also been a part of hip-hop. From rappers like Con’t

1. Nitty Scott, MC

2. Zuzuka Poderosa

3. Bia Landrau


4. Nani Castle

5. Snow Tha Product

6. Danay Suárez

7. Aye Yo Smiley

8. Maluca Mala


Built in Washington DC, Living in LA it’s LoLa Monroe

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Ethiopian/Trinidadian import

LoLa Monroe

“Band Up” 


@thee_lolamonroe IG: TheeLolaMonroe

#LastOfADyingBreed #HabeshaBossetNation

@ayeyosmiley “Drug Empire”

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Aye yo smiley

Aye Yo Smiley

@ayeyosmiley on Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube and SoundCloud.

aye yo smiley

Let’s Meet @ayeyosmiley from D.C.

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Aye Yo Smiley

Aye Yo Smiley is definitely looking to prove she’s a strong new contender as she steps into the ring yet with another track off her new mixtape set to drop this spring. The heat off this single, “Whoa There”, catches your attention right away, just based on the cocky self-assured nature of the track. At first, it makes you react like, ‘Hold up Ms. Smiley, who do you think you are flowing like that and being a new artist? We weren’t ready for that!’ But when you really listen to her flow, you can see that the perceived “cockiness” is in fact an expression of a very positive self-confidence.

“When I wrote ‘Whoa There’, I was thinking about all the people that didn’t take me seriously, tellin’ me that I don’t have what it takes. You don’t wanna go there sweety. This cocky attitude suddenly took over me and I just started spitting. I’m not a cocky person, but I have every right to be self-confident. I put in work! Nobody can tell me nothing!”, laughs Smiley.

“Whoa There” is the second release from her upcoming mixtape due to drop this Spring under Street Science Entertainment. “Bang Bang”, premiered last month on Mun2, the nations #1 Hispanic cable network and listed on the front page of, where she introduced her skills with fellow lyrical chopper, Kleva and his Htown entourage. Together they seem to create an energy so fierce that it unintentionally sparks a fire in your head that screams, new movement, new money.

The 20 year old MC/Singer brings a new dimension to the female artist arena. She is brilliantly versatile with an ability to switch styles and moods throughout a string of records that bounce from R&B with candid and confessional lyrics to tracks where she’s straight out wrecking the mic.

Born to her Peruvian parents, Aye Yo Smiley grew up in Washington D.C. At the age of 15, Smiley was influenced by a variety of music like Selena, Aaliyah, A Tribe called Quest, and the music of TLC, specifically Left Eye, which inspired her to take up rapping. Although being a female MC was a struggle throughout high school, Smiley kept at it and continues dedicating herself to her music. At the age of 17, Smiley knew it was time to take music seriously. She began developing her sound and flow by performing at community open mics as well as filming videos for her YouTube channel.

In December of 2011, her homemade YouTube video, “93 ’til,” received over 4,000 views in less than a day. Today, that video has received over 30,000 views and continues to reach more fans across the country. Smiley is an emerging innovative artist on the road to great success. This is just the beginning for her and she is definitely one to watch.

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AKOKO // CATARAPS Release Date & Album Art

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December 14th, 2013,

CATARAPS will officially be up for full FREE Download 


Be on the look out for new video releases coming soon, as well as the

Cataraps Release Party invite !

akoko logo fmc