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Trio Group from Brasil

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Pearls Negras

“Meu Bem” 

@PearlsNegras #valeu, Vidiga

Lady Art

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lady Art

“Try Me”

(Produced By DjSlowly)
Lady Art Official, named Gisèle Reis des Jesus was born on September the 6th, 1990 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the moment she is residing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Gisele lived in Brazil until she was 4. After that time she and her brother were adopted and traveled to the Netherlands. At the age of 16 she started writing her own lyrics and makin Dutch tracks under the name Giimina, you can still find some old tracks from her. At the beginning Gisele started to write her songs in Dutch but eventually fell for English as her focus remained on English only till this very day.

Cosmopolitan 8 Latina Rappers Whose Music You Have To Hear

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Credit: Cosmopolitan By Raquel Reichard

8 Latina Rappers Whose Music You Have To Hear

Think “Latinas in hip-hop,” and you’re more likely to conjure up images of curvaceous video vixens than rappers slaying it — but the truth is Latinos have existed in hip-hop from its inception. In fact, as hip-hop scholar Raquel Z. Rivera reminds us in her book New York Ricans From the Hip-Hop Zone, the music and dance bears as much resemblance to African-American styles like blues and jazz as it does to Puerto Rican musical forms like bomba and plena. Ultimately, hip-hop culture is inherently Puerto Rican culture.

More than four decades after its genesis, Latinas of various national and cultural identities have also been a part of hip-hop. From rappers like Con’t

1. Nitty Scott, MC

2. Zuzuka Poderosa

3. Bia Landrau


4. Nani Castle

5. Snow Tha Product

6. Danay Suárez

7. Aye Yo Smiley

8. Maluca Mala


Grand Hustle’s First Lady @IGGYAZALEA @Tip “No Mediocre”

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Mullumbimby, New South Wales

Iggy Azalea and Ti

Iggy Azalea



Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea and Ti #2

  “No Mediocre” 



Westside in the house!!

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