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 Jaz the Rapper “Who Run It” freestyle video

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Brooklyn, NY

 Jaz the Rapper

“Who Run It”


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Dina Brass interview with 15MofeRadio

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Hartford, CT



Interview with 

Dina Brass

“I Just Slaughtered Don Ladii”


Ami Miller The Freestyle Queen “Spittin Rounds” remix

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Houston, Tx

Ami Miller

Featuring Z Ro x Lil Keke x K-Rino

“Spittin Rounds Remix”

2016 Closing the doors on Female Mcs

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2016 Had some amazing Female Mcs.


As we start a new year

I like to take a look at some of these

Clever,  Lyrical, Hard Core and Poetic

artist of #HipHop 2016


Remy Ma


What can we say about this awesome talented rapper.  She’s an icon, Diva, Queen, Reality Star, shot taken mc.  She has brought down the walls in the game.  From her hit single “All the Way Up”, to the “Ooouuu” remix, and that fire storm Hot 97 freestyle on Funk Master Flex show (Freestyle #027).    Remy Ma really shut down a lot of the rumors that she may not be hungry.  Someone feed this emcee.  I look forward to 2017 to see what she has installed for these studio emcees (Guys and Gals / Talent and No Talent rapper).


Young M.A.

young m.a livebet2016

In 2014 we Debut Young M.a. video “Brooklyn (Chirao freestyle)” .   3 days later the site views was going crazy.  It was Young M.a. video taken off.  Ooouuu the rest is Herstory.  This Brooklyn gal momentum would not slow down.  She can freestyle, to the talk and walk the walk.  Her old stuff and new stuff is like wild fire.   Let call her Ms 2016 Queen of Gangster Music.

Henny N Hoes Mixtape:

Baby Kaely


The now 10 yrs rapper is setting to drop her highly anticipated album “Outta Space”   Jan 12, 2017 pre-order now.   This young rapper’s word play is very dangerous (and did I mention, she’s doesn’t curse, talk about sex or drugs.) We are looking at a star.

“Outta Space”

“Kid Rappers Taken Over”



Rapper, Business woman, Video Editing, Video Director, Graphic Artist, Lipstick line.  Man the list goes on for this young lady.  Oh, did I mention “talented” rapper.  This young C.E.O. reminds me of QUEEN LATIFAH in her hey days.  Home girl has open up shop in Newark, NJ and is serving music like hotcake with her Bunt City.  She is still growing with her style of rap.  Keep your eyes open for this femcee.

Vanatei from New Jersey


All girls cypher:

Lady Dahlia Female Cypher 5b

The all girl cyphers kill this year.  There where so many, put only a couple stood out.

Lady Dahlia presents New Orleans cyphers 1,2,3,4 and finally 5 and Brevard Go hard Cypher  A good cypher is a good cypher let’s keep them flow in 2017.

YF Dolla(EAU GALLIE,FL) Brevard


Other Femcees that rock 2016


and you need to keep your eyes open for them too:

Jazi of Hawaii



“It’s the return of the goddess NeffyRaps”

  Asia Sparks

“Sparkle Girl Cypher”

Gigi Lamayne

 “Out of the mother land of South Africa it’s Gigi Lamayne”


Muma DoesaGED





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Bonnie Godiva interview with 15 Mofe Radio

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From the desk of 15 Mofe Radio

Yonkers, NY





Credit: 15 Mofe Radio


Ami Miller is Calling Under the Influence

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Ami Miller 

takes us through a journey about love, happiness, and sacrifice in her new
Hip Hop / Rock inspired single CUI (Calling Under the Influence).
#Houston #Tx
@AmiMillerOMG #LGBT #BattleRapper #106npark #freestylefriday

Brooklyn Femcee Ms Fit

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Brooklyn Battle Queen

Ms Fit

Ms_Fit CDCV1 


#MurdaAve #NewMs.Fit