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Lioness ft Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr & Little Simz “DBT Dead Black Ting” Remix

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United Kingdom


ft Queenie, Stush, Shystie,

Lady Leshurr & Little Simz

DBT (Dead Black Ting)


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We are GRL GNG pronounced Girl Gang

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United Kingdom

We are GRL GNG

(pronounced Girl Gang)

a platform aimed at aspiring and established female artists.
GRL GNG is a movement, a way of life designed to inspire,
uplift and push women to the forefront. It’s all about sticking
together and celebrating one another’s talents no matter what
background you’re from. 





Check the upcoming event

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Lady Leshurr “Juice”

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Lady Leshurr


‘Juice’ is taken from the MODE EP. Out now:

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Siena Fabiano is Hot Fire

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Siena Fabiano

“Hot Fire” 

“When I’m Gone” (Eminem Cover) 


Instagram @siena_og 

Suicide LADY LESHURR is contemplating on UNLESHED 2

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Is Not An Joke.  It’s an very serious  issues

from fans, to artist and actors. 

If you need some one to talk with




“So why would I want to live?”

“Why would I want to stay?”

“Sometimes I want to leave this place

Cus no one knows how it is”.



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Oooooo call me Young MA said Lady Leshurr

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Oooooo call me young MA!!


I had to stop and say to myself

Who is she? She ain’t me

I’m on top that’s VAT

Lady Leshurr


“Queen’s Speech Ep.6” 


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Birmingham UK

Out of the UK, It’s Girl Gang Intro

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Nay and Shay Presents:

Girl Gang of The UK

Girl Gang of The UK

Girl Gang Intro

Madders Tiff

JaJa Kisses

Madders Tiff @madderstiff

JaJa Kisses @Jajakisses

Second installment of GIRL GANG

 featuring Alicai Harley, Alika, Gabi’el,

Kash Honey, Soraya Russell & Suga. 

Girl Gang 2

Watch “Look Book, Nepal Earthquake #FashionForNepal Fundraiser and Chola Girl Inspired Look #QueenWaveVlogs” on YouTube

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Skrilla UGQ

PSA Why We Need Jaden’s Law (A4171)

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Why We Need Jaden’s Law (A4171)

jaden hilton law

New York, NY –Jaden Hilton was a lively and energetic two-year-old who had a bright future ahead of him. He was living a normal life until one day what seemed like a cold turned out to be AML (acute myeloid leukemia).  When fighting cancer, hospital stem cellsstem cells visits became part of his routine. Battling the disease for nine months, Jaden lost his life on January 29, 2007.  There were various treatment options available through bone marrow or cord blood stem cells transplants, but a limited number of donors. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that many families face, especially those from certain ethnic groups such as Hispanics, Asian Americans, African American, Native American and many more. That’s why Jaden’s Law (A4171) was proposed: to increase awareness about the benefits of bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs), and cord blood stem cells to increase the odds for a patient in need.

According to the NY State Department of Health (2012) the two leading causes of death in New York State for 2012 are heart disease and cancer, together accounting for 54% of all deaths.  Everyday, people in the U.S. die from diseases that can be treated if they receive bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) or cord blood transplant.  Jaden’s Law was passed in New Jersey, in 2010, providing all residents to receive educational information about bone marrow and/or PBSCs, the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, the benefits of donating and how to register. But now it is time for the law to pass in New York and we are reaching out for help. We need any kind of support to provide and raise awareness about this life-saving necessity.

Facts About Jaden’s Law (A4171)

  • Provides educational information and spreads awareness about bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) and cord blood stem cells on the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles with an online brochure.

  • Adds information about the need of donors with voter registration card.

  • Online brochure about the need of bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) and cord blood stem cells and defines details about treatment options, provided along with the need of ethnic donors on NYS Department of Health website.

  • Provides locations where individuals can register to donate bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) and cord blood within New York State and NYC

How You Can Help

You can show your support by calling and/or telling a friend, a family member or stranger to contact the following legislators and tell them New York State needs Jaden’s Law (A4171) passed in New York State this year! Call Senate Health Chair: Senator Kemp Hannon, District Office: 516-739-1700 and Albany Office: 518-455-2200 or @kemphannon ; Assembly Health Chair: Assemblyman Richard N. Gottfried, District Office: 212-807-7900 and Albany Office: 518-455-4941 or @DickGottfried ;Speaker of the Assembly: Assemblyman Corl E. Heastie: District Office: 718-654-6539 and Albany Office: 518-455-4812 or @CarlHeastie ;Speaker of the Senate: Senator John J. Flanagan: District Office: 631-361-2154 and Albany Office: 518-455-2071 or @LeaderFlanagan ;Sponsor: Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright: District Office: 212-866-5809 and Albany Office: 518-455-4941 or @Wright4Harlem ;Senator Kenneth P. Lavalle: District Office: 631-473-1461 and Albany Office: 518-455-3121 or @senatorlavalle

Please follow us on Facebook: Preserve Our Legacy, on Instagram: @preserveourlegacy, and on Twitter: @Preserveourlgcy. Please use the hashtag #JadenslawNY.  For more information please email: or call 1-877-778-3623


About Preserve Our Legacy, Inc.

 Preserve Our Legacy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was started after the devastating loss of a 3-year old boy named Jaden Hilton). Jaden was diagnosed with leukemia in April 2006, and to survive he needed a stem cell (bone marrow, PBSC or cord blood) transplant. Unfortunately for Jaden, no one in his family was a match and he needed an unrelated donor. Due to the lack of available donors within the National Registry, Jaden, like many other ethnic patients, lost his battle because he could not find a match. After his death, Preserve Our Legacy made it its mission to increase awareness about the need of bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC), and cord blood stem cells donations within various ethnic groups, in addition to, assisting to increase available units for patients in need.

Follow us: 
Twitter: @preserveourlgcy 
Instagram: @preserveourlegacy
“Our mission is to educate, ultimately, saving lives”

Bristol UK Stand Up

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Skrilla UGQ


Filmed & Edited By
Anonymous Media Uk (AMUK)