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Born in  Kansas City, MO

Raised in Houston, TX


The love for hip hop has birthed a sexy yet classy, hard yet soft, talented yet modest, fly yet grounded, blessed yet humble, smooth yet a diamond in the rough, a beauty yet a beast in her craft, the one and only *Diamond White* Kansas City, MO born and Houston, TX raised, Diamond White was a little girl that had BIG dreams. From singing and dancing in the mirror to putting on a concert for everyone who visited her childhood home you could find this rising star demanding attention and quickly developing her love for performing. She began singing as early as she can remember talking and began writing and rapping at the tender age of 10 years old. Impressed by her being so cute, young and a female who could rap she captured the attention of many. From there she began recording which would lead to her being in a duo rap group with a guy who was obviously older than she was considering he was about to be a high school graduate and little Ms. Diamond was still finding it appealing to play with her dolls and climb trees with her friends. Despite her young age when they first heard that confident and raspy voice lace the track they knew she was definitely talented and destined for stardom. Their chemistry in the booth was incredible and her skills were undeniable. Things were starting to look promising as the situation began to progress until the other half of the duo group was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. 
Devastated by the lost of a friend more looked at like a big brother this young, talented rising star was determined to keep striving. Although the road would get harder for a young female trying to solely break into a male dominated industry and keep her morals, value, and self respect that alone became an obstacle in itself to overcome. As she became a feature and a ghost writer she went on to open up for several mainstream artist such as L.L Cool J, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent just to name a few. And in addition to that, she was presented with opportunities that some would say comes only once in a life time. She was offered contracts with 2 major labels that will remain nameless per Diamond White’s request due to her professionalism to never burn bridges. Never forgetting the many hardships and tribulations this young jewel had to endure she never lost sight of the things her mother instilled in her since birth and held on to her faith in GOD. While music remained her passion she passionately grasped a love for acting & modeling as the offers kept coming.  Ready for her close up she has made appearances in movies, plays, and music videos. In addition to that, modeling experience in print, commercial, promotional, calendars, hosting, from bridal magazines to urban magazines this gorgeous bombshell’s modeling career continued to flourish while escalading her to another level. She intelligently used that as a solid networking ground and networked herself into an elite circle of powerful men and women that could launch her career to the next level without losing herself or without compromising her character in the process. She now currently host HOT TV Show and travels the country modeling and hosting while currently recording creating a bidding war with major record labels.  She has the talent, the look, and is a walking network that already has a fan base with no product. Ladies and Gentlemen I believe we have the next BIG star on our hands so with all of that said, I present The Truth…. *Diamond White*

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