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Alia Sharrief “My Girls Rock”  “Maula Ya” and “Don’t Forget Me” video

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Bay Area, CA



“My Girls Rock”

Alia Sharrief is known for boundless talents with a direct yet heartwarming universal,
soulful appeal. Sharrief’s performances have spanned the country and transcended
borders to an international audience. She has shared the stage with Kendrick Lamar,
Yasiin Bey, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, and many other notable entertainers.
Well rounded in the arts and in the realm of activism, Alia Sharrief’s advocacy ranges- hiphop,
social justice, human rights, and female empowerment. Beside creating captivating
and revolutionary sounds, Alia is the founder of The Hijabi Chronicles and
a self motivated entrepreneur.

 “Maula Ya”

“Don’t Forget Me”

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