Female Mc’s Radio Season 3 Ep. 6

Female Mc’s Radio

Oct 28th, 2021

 Season 3 Episode 6

Link: https://linktr.ee/FemaleMcs

Tay Money “The Assignment” https://youtu.be/vb1w_1PuWGE 

Young Lyric – “Big Racks” https://youtu.be/tLUBpieV9tA

Goddess Boss “Chi City” https://youtu.be/vGpWEZQmLS4?t=22

The QOR “Shopping Spree”  see attach mp3

Mc Konejah Con Dj Reina  “Oportunidad”.  https://youtu.be/4w3btfUpkGM 

Cristina Bendecida “No Fake”. https://youtu.be/EVvdF7FgZv0

Krissy Celess – Bankrupt Freestyle. https://youtu.be/eb7GV5MXCuA

SHE REAL – Big Sean Freestyle https://youtu.be/q-2ckc_54tU?t=28

She Real – Beautiful Da  https://youtu.be/MEho5KIDekw

Lasy Dahlia- Jeweler  https://youtu.be/1ghrM8D8LX0

Mountains Of Pysh – Valkyrie Valkyrie https://youtu.be/NUHeidFTrec

 Elle Teresa- Fuji

Bonus Track:

Charli Baltimore – Stand Up ft. Ghostface Killah 

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