Run Forrest by Chyna Vonne

Chyna Vonne

Chyna Vonne is a songwriter, rapper, and singer hailing out of Providence, Rhode Island and

homegrown all the way down to the DMV. She is currently working on her first album after a successful recording project that landed her in XXL magazine, The UnExpected Mixtape. On the Unexpected Mixtape, she worked with DJ Exel to create a very versatile sound. For her upcoming project, she will be working with a new producer to embody the becoming of her Queeness. The UnExpected 2: Return of A Queen album is set to drop in 2017. The first official single off the album, Run Forrest, was released on December 2016 and is available on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, and Spotify. Recently,

“Run Forrest”

“Where’s Dory”

Direct by @chieftexxFilms

Tw: ChynaVonne

FB: ChynaVonne


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