Did Red Shaydez have a Relapse


Red Shaydez


Producer: MJNichols
Her latest visual for Relapse, produced by California-based hit-maker, MJ Nichols, and directed by Kimora Lensz/HueHeph, is her most personal track to date. Relapse is about a young female MC who fell out of love with Hip Hop due to trials and tribulations but soon regained an interest in her craft after a drastic lifestyle change. Red Shaydez hopes to help other artists who also felt or feel like giving up due to adversity. Her upcoming project, “Magnetic Aura: The EP” is coming soon. Relapse will be featured on the project.

Short Bio:
Female Rapper Red Shaydez from Boston MA, is no beginner when it comes to Hip Hop. She has been musically inclined since the age of 7. Beginning her music career professionally as an artist and online radio personality on BlogTalk Radio (Red Shaydez At The Hour), she was able to learn a lot about the music industry. She even managed to gain the likes of Hip Hop Legend MC Lyte and not only received a radio drop from her but a spot on her mixtape as well! In the summer of 2013 her music video for “Keep It Movin Movin” that has a cameo from NE Hip Hop’s Malcolm Gray, was featured on TheSource.com.
Red Shaydez set her music career aside to finish her studies as a Film/Video Major. Since she left she is aware that the hip hop scene is much different from how it use to be.
Red Shaydez is aware that many people may not know who she is and she plans to change that. You can see her at some live shows in the near future.
Be sure to check out ChillinInTheShade.com and more Red Shaydez in 2015!
Booking and Feature contact: 369musicgroup1@gmail.com

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