IGLOO WHO? Ebony Mag drop 5 Female MCs You Should Know

Credit: Ebony Magazine By Glennisha Morgan

5 Female MCs

You Should Know


We don’t want ‘no mediocre’ either, so here are five women making the rap music youshouldbe listening to in 2015

One Australian rapper with a southern American twang has caused quite a stir in 2014. From Iggy

Azalea’s lackluster lyrics to her appropriation of Black women. Many critics of the “Fancy” artist feel

that a myriad of other women rappers could easily and rightfully so take her place. Without even

entering Azalea into the equation, there are a myriad of women in hip-hop who possess the skills and

creativity, that should garner them an opportunity to shine. Although the latter is not a complete list of

current dope women rhyme spitters, EBONY presents five women MCs you should know about.

1. Detroit Che

2.  Nitty Scott MC


4.  Raven Sorvino

5. Sharaya J

Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/entertainment-culture/igloo-who-5-female-emcees-you-should-know-042#ixzz3VXGSOevR 

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