Southern born Georgia native raised in Queens, New York PHYR

*Rego Park, Queens*


Southern born Georgia native raised in Queens, New York PHYR (the flme spittah) has a unique sound not to mention a unique accent. Her hardcore lyrics in her new single “Manning” leaves you in awe as she explains how she “throws it” like well know New York Giant’s Eli Manning. Even though she may come off a bit raunchy she plays a flipside as she softens up in her R&B single “TestDrive” where she sings and explains how she like to “go for rides” in expensive cars metaphorically. A new sound and style is what she delivers unlike any other sound thats been heard before. She delivers a rambunctious, imaginative, relevant, provocative flow that is accompanied by her raspy and seductive voice delivered on southern and uptempo beats. By the time you reach her third single “Lose Control” your wondering who is Phyr really as she gives you a full throttle singing lyric such as “man-eater looking for love” and “tipsy? who me? Not to mention I’m still thirsty” in this uptempo pop party song. By the time you finish with her E.P Bamboozled you will be left wanting more as she unleashes a flame in you….



“Be Your Sponsor”  Ft Fedarro

#Queens #RegoPark  #@iamPhyr #FemaleMc #Rapper #StripeClub #New


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