For Immediate Release :: Press Release

Dimepiece, New Night Host at WCKX Power 107.5 COLUMBUS, OH

Thank you to everyone for all your love and

support!  It has been my dream to one day

host and mix on my own show in a prime time
day slot.  Through hard work and dedication is

FINALLY happened!  I’m excited about my new

radio home and truly miss Chicago, but know that

the relationships I have made along the way will

continue with me through my journey!  I will take

what I have learned from Chicago and other markets

and apply it to this platform.  This is what I have

been working for all my radio career.  I am grateful

and humbled for this wonderful opportunity and

can’t wait to show Columbus, Ohio what I’ve got!  


It’s Dime Time Baby! Be sure to Tune in WEEKNIGHTS!

* Dime Power Mix

*Dime Time News Buzz

*Rock It or Knock It (New Music Debuts)



(That’s so crazy that I can say that…lol)


Also download the Power 107.5 App for

FREE on your mobile device, tablet and Smart phone!

Watch NOW!

 Promotional Video Created by Custom Instagram Videos

DJ Dimepiece Re-Launches DJDIMEPIECE.COM!

Shouts out to Money Graphics for the awesome

design and direction.  Be sure to log on today

and check out my fresh new look!


Click image to download Electronic Press Kit:

Catch DJ Dimepiece in the Mix!

Not in Chicago? Tune in via the free iHeart Radio App

that can be downloaded to your phone, tablet

or online at www.iHeartRadio.com


“Where My D.I.M.E.’s At?”

Now available on iTunes!

DJ Dimepiece - Where My D.I.M.E.'S at?

Until the next newsletter…


-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”


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