I Can’t Believe You Missed Infinite Starr

You Missed Out on 3 New Songs

Starr Gang All-Starrz are full speed ahead. We’ve started dropping new music to prep for the release ofTrue Face. Each song was released on #TrueFaceTuesday, which is every Tuesday, on twitter,facebook, and youtube.

These first three songs weren’t quite good enough to get voted on the mixtape, so imagine the hits that did make it on True Face. Get ready for an insane Summer because we’re taking over. Enjoy the songs and videos. Share them with your friends.

1. Bin Laden Money – Listen & Share
2. Murda Bizness – Watch & Share
3. Singing Like Beyoncé – Watch & Share

This is about to be a huge year for you and me. I hope you’re ready.

True Face drops June 26th 2012
on Datpiff.com

Thanks for being a starr (staying true always real &righteous).

Starrz Up,

Infinite Starr

True Face drops 6-26-2012 on Datpiff. True Face does NOT have any of the songs above. 14 Brand New Songs on True Face


“To put your best face forward, it must be your true face.” – infinite starr




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