Another video from your girl XO Muzik

XO Muzik
Im From Texas” Music Video
 [Directed by PaperStack Graphics]
Xo Muzik Bio
Erika “XO” Nelson grew up in a broken home in Longview Tx, where she was the youngest of 2 siblings. Her mother struggled with a drug/alcohol addiction, so things were never calm around her house. By age 10 her father was murdered. He was a big part of her life. His absence made XO feel alone. XO still managed to go to Lon Morris College in Jacksonville,Tx in the year of 2002 after graduating from Longview High School.  Regardless of being unstable XO continued writing rhymes on a regular. Poetry was her first love during these times.   At age 18 she joined ETP, a local record label that gave her experience as a recording artist. Over time she joined different local record labels but neither of them were serious enough or ready to take her that next level.  She was also a member of band in the year 2004. Again it was only more experience for XO as an growing artist.  By age 19, she was forced to leave home due to a dispute with her mother.  XO became homeless.  She moved from place to place until she got her own.  During the year 2005 she was introduced to AL-B, a member of THB, a rap group out of Palestine, Tx. They instantly became friends due to their love for music. AL-B noticed something different about XO. He put his rap dreams aside and became a manager figure to XO.  He brought the best out of her with his track selection, determination, and promotional skills.  She never let him down, she always delivered.  Each track reassured AL-B that XO was the next Big Female Artist.  With the combination of his knowledge and her skills to dominate every track, together the sky is the limit.  Currently, XO and AL-B are CEO’s of Music Is Me or better known to the world as MIM Entertainment. They are dropping XO’s first serious mixtape titled “QUEEN OF THE BOOTH”  soon which features her hit single’s “Whole Lotta” and “You Dumb”.  Stay tuned to the movement of XO Muzik!

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