Differing Audiences – A Battle of the Sexes from Adam’s World

Differing Audiences – A Battle of the Sexes

I go to a monthly event in NYC where once a year they have an all-female lineup and open mic. Something very interesting happens on that particular night – the crowd changes. Some of the regulars are still there, but for the most part the males are absent as the female artists end up having to bring their own crowd with them. They usually do a good job of packing the place, but the problem is glaring – men, and male artists, stay at home, or go elsewhere, when women are performing.

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One Response to “Differing Audiences – A Battle of the Sexes from Adam’s World”

  1. This is just another sign of the great divide between black men and black women. It is a epidemic that will only get worse. Why there is such a strong dislike between the two sexes is glaringly clear. There is a lack of love and respect in the black race. I don’t see a anyway of fixing this problem.


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