HOLDING YOU DOWN REMIX FT. KAYTEE (Support the Female mcs)

Hello All,
Hope all is well, as some of you may know at the top of the year i released my 1st solo mixtape titled “Dat Ol Thang Back” which was pretty successful online but as some artist go through i began to second guess whether or not i wanted to pursue music anymore. I ended up letting the industries ways and how they portray what kind of female artist they want to be in the forefront take me outta my love and passion for music to the point where i couldn’t even create. Well after a few talks as well as kicks in the ass it got me thinking alil bit. I also saw a Documentary on BET called Women In Hip Hop and it opened my eyes up. So last Saturday I heard the new Jazmin Sullivan joint “Holding You Down (Circles) and it got my blood flowing again lol Soon as i got home downloaded the track and wrote to it in like 20-30mins 2verses. So i’m glad to say that my mind, body and soul is back in full effect. Just wanted to say thanks to all that truly love my kind of music and what i put out. Thanks to all that put a foot in my ass, i’m sure you wouldn’t waist your breath if you didn’t have faith in my capabilities. Hope yall like it, Just alil sumthin to get my juices flowing again.
Enjoy and God Bless
www.youtube.com/kaytee4u (under construction)
www.facebook.com/izzy0409 or Katanya Myers

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