AMI MILLER Female Rapper from H-Town


One Response to “AMI MILLER Female Rapper from H-Town”

  1. Prophet Dred Says:

    I’m going to try to make this as brief as possible. Ami, you have a God-given-talent, that really need to be use to give the ultimate praise and glory to our creator on every song you do from this point on. I’m a Holy-Hip-Artist/Political-activist. I’m in the process of starting a last-days, end-of-time-type {Master-Millenium-Movement}. Ami, you fit right in the vision that God gave me. This type of movement need a strong beautiful black Queen’s voice, in the new rap-arena of Holy-hip-hop. You are to bless and to beautiful to be involved in this type of negative-energy, allowing negative-spirits to use you when you grab-the-mike. I feel deeply in my heart that our creator sent me to you, to help you make the transition; to cross over from the darkness of this world to the full-glory of the LIGHT of CHRIST threw Holy-Hip-Hop. Ami, we still would rap to hard-core-ghetto-beats, the only thing that will be different is the lyrical-content. I will assist you in making this change in lyrics,but, you would still write and compose all your own lyrics. This would be a great career-move for you,plus you would be helping millions change their lives. E-mail me so I can tell you more about me and this gobal-movement. Stay-UP and Keep-It-Real with me. You have to get in touch with me. It,s a matter of life or death. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. E-mail me A.S.A.P


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